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Are you in a rut?

Are you in a rut?

November 14, 2017

Late fall is the rut for bighorn sheep. These majestic bovines direct every ounce of their being into their headlong battle for superiority, conquest, and position – with a clear winner and loser. Fortunately, humans don't advance themselves in like manner, unless vying for a parking space. Yet these beasts remind us that results demand intentional actions. Decide what you want then go after it, because "wait and see" ensures defeat. 

Meanwhile, we live in times of accelerating innovation, endless choices and complexity. Do you relish vetting out those that are optimal, or merely beneficial? Unless the choices are within the realm of your expertise, probably not. What to do? Ask Google, or Siri, or Alexis, or why not Uncle Bubba – at least he limits advice to the monosyllabic sort?

What ruts are hindering the design, growth, and protection of your personal economy? That you're still in them to some extent means you need another ram to knock you back on track, figuratively, of course. And without making your head explode!

Which of these resonate in your head:

  • As much as I want my daughter to enjoy life as an adult, I want to help her make sure she's ok when "life happens."
  • Mom is taking care of Dad as his dementia worsens. Who will take care of her? Will I have to quit working or pay for help so I can keep my sanity?
  • We've worked our tails off to make this business fly, so we need to make sure it continues that way whatever may come!
  • Do we have enough money after taxes to support retirement for the rest of our lives? 
  • We've started life all over again now that we're raising our grandson. Suddenly, the needs and risks of the next decade or two are completely different than what we planned for.
  • Where do we begin?

THE rut is a highly productive time for bighorn sheep – one on one. Getting out of A rut takes another ram – one on one – whose only agenda is your best interest.


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