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Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc?  Episode 4—Unmasking Leadership

Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc? Episode 4—Unmasking Leadership

August 18, 2021

If asked what social skills I learned in school that helped me as an adult, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with much. It was the extra-curricular experiences that elevated leadership, teamwork, and mutual respect. Classrooms and hallways were fertile ground for peer popularity and positioning escapades, and occasional bullying.

When at age 6 our only child suddenly became a big brother—ultimately to two sisters and two brothers—we wondered how he’d take to not being the center of attention. The photos above and below capture the answer. With his older brother half his size on his lap, he did what homeschool can foster exceptionally well: nurture and mentor.

Nurture the vulnerable, mentor the maturing. These are the roots of leadership.

It’s not all top-down. What better way for big brother to learn first-hand and at a tender age how differently others learn? Even if it’s a tad frustrating when your pupils get silly on you!


In the workplace or in the community, leaders invest in understanding those around them so their nurturing and mentorship truly elevates them.

How many leadership books have been written to help adults learn what they should have learned in school?

Save your kids or grandkids the trouble of unlearning and relearning in adulthood. Leadership starts now.

At home.

To Your Success!

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Photos: Garth & Karen Hassel