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Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc?  Episode 5—Unmasking Adventure

Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc? Episode 5—Unmasking Adventure

August 23, 2021

His formative years knowing only the humid warmth of Guatemala, he dons bulky winter garb to shield him from his first Idaho winter. Snow clumping in his hair, he giggles as if this strange world were an exciting new adventure. It is.

We adults are not as adaptive as children, but we often underestimate our adaptive limits. Meanwhile, whose nimbleness is greater—yours or your child’s school?

Public schools have an incredibly difficult—in some respects impossible—job to do. Who could be more focused on your child’s education versus managing

  • the clamor of hundreds of children
  • teachers
  • teachers’ unions
  • principals
  • school boards
  • curricula sellers
  • school lunch programs
  • bus drivers
  • other parents
  • local health experts
  • state testing authorities
  • state departments of education
  • state health authorities
  • lobbyists
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • and the flip-flopping conflicted federal health officials

public school



If you don’t think you have the right stuff. You might be right.

If you think you might have the right stuff, allow yourself the benefit of the doubt. With a little help, you can do this—educationally and financially.

The pace of today demands continual learning—stagnation fast begets irrelevance, whereas continual learning with doing begets benefits. What better way to convey that principle to your child than to embark on learning how to homeschool with your child?

What better way to deepen your connection with your child than to learn with your child? What might that be worth as your child matures?


To Your Success!

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Photo by Garth & Karen Hassel