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Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc?  Episode 7—Who’s Calling the Fouls?

Homeschooling: Haven or Havoc? Episode 7—Who’s Calling the Fouls?

August 30, 2021

Every entity establishes rules—companies, clubs, governments, schools, and households. Without them chaos ensues.

You run or co-run your household. You know what you stand for and why. Your identity is secure in something eternal and unchanging. You set the rules to align with your principles and values. You understand the difference between mutual respect and accepting anything and everything outside of your beliefs as good.

Why wouldn’t you want that consistency to equip your children to stand firm over a lifetime of external forces hammering away at their identities?

The world suffers power brokers in big tech and government pouncing on the pandemic pandemonium via censorship and rules based on selective science. Why not extend the oasis of your home to your children’s schooling experience?

Where hindsight is 20/20, reflect on what you learned in school that you’ve since chosen to still apply as an adult. How difficult would it be to instill in your children the helpful habits you’ve nurtured versus the others you’ve discarded?

Consider your authenticity as an educational asset. Who better to call the fouls over fair play than you?


To Your Success!

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Photo by Nathan Shively on Unsplash