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Planning vs Predictions

December 08, 2020

I don't know about you, but I feel like Noise as News (NAN) is the new normal.

Especially, Predictions as News (PAN).

Pandemic PAN (PANPAN) lost its viral luster to the election din [a real word, not a three-letter acronym (TLA)].

Yet amidst our Grinch groans of, “Noise, noise, noise!” there are happenings we must hearken.

These are the Megatrends.

As stealthy as a virus, a megatrend can be upon us before we know it. Not in the microcosm of your routine, or your community, or your state/province. But in your continent . . . and beyond.

A tsunami in slow-motion.

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Like a tsunami, we won’t notice it until landfall.

Unless we’re looking for it.

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Let’s peek at one of the myriad megatrends: 


The longer you live, the more likely what will happen?

Anything and everything. Good and bad.

If it’s cyclical, such as the economy or the stock market or the real estate market, the more likely you’ll live to experience it again.

If your grandparents referred to an event as “once-in-a-lifetime,” then you might experience it twice!

If we know it’s coming, but we’re not sure when, then the longer you live the more likely you’ll experience it.

Retirement expert, Tom Hegna, aptly calls longevity a Risk Multiplier.

Unlike PANning, planning looks long and hard at megatrends.

Planning accounts for the inevitabilities plus the possibilities within your reasonably established lifespan.

And what is a reasonably established lifespan?

Your lifespan?

More on that later.

To your success!