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Employee Benefits

Why use our firm

  • Independent - We offer a multiple-carrier approach, not one-size-fits-all.
  • We refuse to outsource - we take ownership of EVERYTHING from enrollment to claims/service in-house. "The buck stops here!"
  • An informational approach - absolutely no scare tactics or overselling!
  • A complete picture - By taking the time to understand your current benefits, inside and out, we take a customized approach to filling gaps with no overlap of benefits.

10 Reasons for Employer Sponsored Long-Term Care Insurance - Now

1. About 20% of employees self-identify as caregivers, but twice as many may provide care. They exercise, sleep and visit their doctor less; eat more fast food, smoke more, and drink more alcohol. Tired (63%) and stressed (66%), they are less productive, and may impact co-worker’s productivity and increase employer health and disability costs and liability risk.

2. The best care is a mix of family care and commercial care. LTCi helps people stay at home without burdening family, reducing caregiver burn-out.

3. If you self-insure and never need care, the money you save goes to heirs (you can’t spend it on yourself). Buying LTCi makes your financial legacy more reliable for your heirs.

4. If LTCi benefits compound 3% annually, buying 10 years earlier gets you at least 34% more coverage, typically several hundred thousands of dollars more. (With 5% compounding, the difference is 63%.)

5. Spouses & elder relatives can buy LTCi through employers, helping protect employee productivity. We also help uninsurable relatives.

6. Besides offering LTCi at no employer cost, employers can buy LTCi solely for key staff and their spouses. The great tax breaks will likely increase in value over time, producing attractive tax savings.

7. No matter how long you pay for LTCi, you typically can recover all premiums if you receive full benefits for a year or less.

8. For some employees, we can ignore height/weight and cancer history. With a combined life/LTCi product, guaranteed issue might apply. Work-site allows streamlined applications & payroll deduction convenience.

9. Most states have Partnership programs that enable LTCi to protect middle class financial legacy twice.

10.Worksite LTCi will likely be less available and more expensive if you delay.
By quantifying answers immediately in a consultative meeting, we speed decision-making.

Ask us to explain the above points and customize a LTCi program for your team!