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Your Trusted Insurance Partner Ash Brokerage

  • Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Family-operated insurance brokerage firm since 1971
  • Largest independently owned insurance brokerage firm in the United States
  • Serving clients nationwide
  • Global View Capital has partnered with Ash Brokerage since early 2015

What we do:

  • Ensure families can continue to pay bills, meet ongoing living expenses and finance future needs after a death occurs
  • Protect paychecks in case of a disability or illness
  • Plan for a successful retirement
  • Protect families from the financial and emotional burdens of long-term care
  • Mitigate risk for business

Life Insurance Policy Review

Life Insurance Policy Review - Step 2: Pre-Screen Questions

Not an application for life insurance. This questionnaire is used exclusively to gather specific information on a proposed insured’s medical history, goals and objectives.

Own a Business?

How would your business carry on if you suffered an extended illness or a serious accident that kept you down for months?

Would you lose your business?

Disability Overhead Expense can keep your well-oiled machine running, and even higher someone to fill in for you.