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Garth  Hassel, RICP®, CLTC®

Garth Hassel, RICP®, CLTC®

Executive Director

Husband, dad, and engineer turned adviser, Garth discovered that the length at which he goes to bring experts together to solve a person’s problems is proportional to the depth of his relationship with that person.

This is partly an outcome of his devotion to his wife, Karen. Garth met his match in high school. Karen patiently awaited his proposal until he came through while they were in graduate school.

Garth devoted much of his engineering career to developing high-temperature technologies to clean up chemically and radioactively contaminated sites. An example was using 3000°C plasma flames in crucibles to melt nuclear waste into stable glass for long-term disposition.

Meanwhile, Garth’s caring for his illness-stricken wife was the crucible that melted his heart. A miraculous turn of events brought healing, five children, and a heart for equipping others to prepare for probable caregiving situations that can melt families and retirement dreams.

Certified in Long-Term Care® and a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Garth believes that the wisdom of teams that achieved remarkable results during his twenty-year engineering career applies equally to planning to maintain control through your most vulnerable seasons of life.

Garth’s book, Keep Your Life: Plan Your Endgame So Loved Ones Stay Loved Ones, is endorsed by prominent experts in retirement planning and is an Amazon Best Seller in the categories of

  • Retirement Planning
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Business & Investing.

Why I became an adviser and what motivates me

Interview by Darra Wray, CSA, MBA, President / Treasurer of the Lifelong Education and Aging Resources Network (LEARN), Founder and Care Consultant, My Care Companions, and Creator of the My Data Diary Tool: